September 2015

Volume 1: Orbiting

Look & Listen

Visual Artist: Joseph Veazey

Side A

A1: Olympic Ayres - ``Control``

A2: Lostboycrow - ``HiyHiy``

A3: Robyn Sherwell - ``Islander``

A4: LANY - ``Bad, Bad, Bad``

A5: Fantastic Fantastic - ``The Night``

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Side B

B1: RKCB - ``Baptize``

B2: Karl Kling - ``I Will Wait``

B3: Mont Oliver - ``19``

B4: Pr0files - ``Forgive``

B5: Rose Quartz - ``Leaving Now`` (Instrumental Version)


The front cover consists of ten diecut holes punched through the matte coated fully black-printed stock. A clear UV spot varnish marks the orbiting paths of the planets with printed thin concentric circles. The diecut planets reveal through to the interior spread and take on solid colors that correspond to the colors of the sun and its planets.The packaging opens to reveal a full spread illustration of astronauts taking a leisurely trip through the galaxy, with various colored screens and gauges which showed through on the cover. The spread has three small diecut holes that reveal through to the inner sleeve and show the track number, artist, and song title when the sleeve is pulled out. The disc itself is moon-like marbled grey vinyl, and the package also came with a small sticker sheet with other objects that could be applied to orbit around the sun on the cover or outside of the astronaut’s window.