December 2015

Volume 4: Surface Tension

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Visual Artist: YAWN

Side A

A1: Wet Leather - ``Astral Projection``

A2: Cherry Jungle - ``Dinosaurs``

A3: Vista Kicks (formerly BABE) - ``Circles``

A4: Ron Flieger - ``Feel Your Love``

A5: Lions Head - ``Begging

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Side B

B1: Mansions On The Moon - ``Heart Of The Moment (Extended)``

B2: On Planets - ``Spectacle Ft. Maddie Duke``

B3: CIRC - ``Data Cream``

B4: Wild & Free - ``Low Pressure``


Volume 4 wants you to get closer. Artists YAWN have done some truly beautiful hand drawn lettering, but when its printed with only clear UV gloss you are going have to catch the light just right to see it. Use your hands for this one. Especially when it comes to pulling out the 3 double sided posters. Each features that expands on the jackets visuals, with a hand drawn lyric from one of the tracks on one side. The record is pressed on smokey white in clear vinyl.