February 2016

Volume 6: Space and Sound

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Jacket Photography: NASA

Packaging Design & Layout: Patrick Chambers

Side A

A1: Slow Dancer - ``Took The Floor Out``

A2: Tyler Lyle - ``Winter Is For Kierkegaard``

A3: Exsonvaldes & Helena Miquel - ``Cyclop``

A4: Avid Walker - ``Conversations``

A5: MT Warning - ``When It All Bleeds Out``

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Side B

B1: Quantum Keys - ``Feel Alright``

B2: IGBO - ``Gimmie Gimmie``

B3: O - ``Ireek``

B4: Fort Lean - ``Might've Misheard``

B5: Viola Beach - ``Swings & Waterslides``


Original photography taken in outer space during the Apollo missions makes for great source material. However, with over 8,000 pictures in the archive it was no easy task paring things down to the 52 page book included with Volume 6. Weeks of pouring through the images had us returning to the same favorites over and over. Pictures of the space missions we had never seen before. Photos of situations or locations that rarely get the spotlight. These photos were the ones that made sense to pair with these songs that also deserve a bigger spotlight. But what are pictures without some backstory? In the book you will find 3 full articles about different parts of the Apollo missions as well as numerous sidebars and captions that help bring these images and stories to life. You are going to want to carve out some time for this one…


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