May 2016

Volume 9: Shifting States

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Visual Artist: Michael Heck

Side A

A1: St. Tropez - ``Son Of God``

A2: Controller - ``Flame``

A3: Friska Viljor - ``In My Sofa I'm Safe``

A4: The Sweet Serenades - ``Come Out And Play``

A5: The Gloomies - ``Groves``

A6: Stolen Jars - ``Kept``

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Side B

B1: TWINKIDS - ``Dreamer``

B2: Andre Tajchman - ``Foe``

B3: SKYES - ``Dry``

B4: O Mer - ``Now I'm Alive``

B5: Oylo - ``Just In Case``


Michael Heck’s fantastic sketches and doodles turn everything you knew about botany on its head as he conjures up mystical flora and weaves them between elements of the record jacket. The front cover features a dense plant scene washed over by hazy colors, setting the stage for the visual palette within. The included 12 super-zine features gold foil lettering of the Shifting States title on the cover as well as the track-list on the back cover.  Inside the super-zine hide 2 more mini-zines that each tie into the overall imagery of the jacket artwork. Be sure to pack a lunch and some bug spray for this journey.


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