Sego - Tandang

Ltd. Edition of 100 and VM Exclusive Color

$ 30.00

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Tandang is Sego's record of refusal. With a knack for both angular sonics and massive hooks, the band refuses to sand down the rough edges of their sound and instead embraces the aggressive and absurd. This new LP is a relentless stream-of-consciousness, a blast of post punk energy shot through with the electronic interferences of everyday life. Sego also refuses to genuflect to the technological imperatives of the day; the band has declined to upload the full album to streaming. So, for the moment, the only way to hear the record in full is to pick up a copy of the LP which includes the following features:

  • Rainbow foil jacket
  • 12" Oversized Photo Book
  • Red, White, and Black smash vinyl
  • Magic-Eye back cover

Vinyl Moon and Sego go all the way back to Vol. 029: Marrow Siren which featured the absolute barn burner "Whatever Forever." We've kept close tabs on the band ever since, collaborating on an exclusive VM pressing of 2019's Sego Sucks and featuring the band on our massive commemorative Vol. 100: Century.

This is Vinyl Moon Exclusive pressing limited to 100 copies.