PowerPCMe - Endless Summer Holographic LP

  • $ 22.00

This is the first-ever pressing of PowerPCME's album, Endless Summer, exclusively from Vinyl Moon! The vinyl edition features a hologram on the vinyl itself that animates as you play it on your turntable. It's available in two color variants: blue (limited to 100 copies worldwide, for VINYL MOON members only!) and red (limited to 200 copies worldwide). The record is housed in a gatefold jacket with a double-sided art insert.


PowerPCME's "Honda Civic, Windows Down" was featured on the Volume 031: The Nature of Inner Space.


Fresh Air
Honda Civic, Windows Down
Humid Nights and Long Walks
Quiet Streets
Yellow Glow of Dull Street Lights
Party Time
Terminal Clouds (feat. Vaperror)
When It Rains, It Pours
Overcast Sky
Wishful Nostalgia
Seasons End