Vol. 101: Stay Curious, Wayfarer

VM Club Record: January 2024

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Special Features
  • Gatefold jacket with die-cut fold-out flaps
  • Fold-out Artwork Poster
  • Blue & Green smash vinyl (Standard)
  • Psychedelic Blue Sky vinyl (VIP)
  • Original AR digital experience: VIEW HERE
  • Lyrics & art booklet 
  • Intro letter from Brandon 

A1: Levi J. Burr - "Vested Over"
A2: Grayson Hamm - "Better Things"
A3: Molly McPhaul & Richard Houghten - "11 (Rework)"
A4: Slow Leaves - "American Band"
A5: Anna B May - "It's Not Just A Dream"
A6: B4Lasers - "Agave Luv"

B1: Olivia Reid - "Madness (Act) 1”
B2: Zubi - " Whiskey ft. Hearjuno"
B3: Old Earth Nostalgia Cult - " Escape Velocity"
B4: Crewless- " Elevator - going down"
B5: Kyle McEvoy - "Won't Give Up (feat. The Field Tapes)"
B6: VAAMP - "Either Or"


Visual Artist

Micha Huigen


Micha's work seeks to keep viewers in a "state of wonder", staying curious as they explore both their world and the world of his illustrations. Whether admiring his color palettes, his psychedelic story-telling, or the pop-out panels that evoke vintage graphic novels, Micha's art pulls you in and invites you deeper. Dense layers and precise details reward extra time spent in each scene, while lots of curves and natural features keep anything from feeling overwhelming. It's the perfect recipe for an album cover, and it makes Micha a fantastic match for this month's volume.Micha Huigen is based in The Netherlands, but his client list is worldwide. His works have been commissioned by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Magic The Gathering, Apple, VICE, Github, and many more. You can experience his art as album art, trading cards, prints, or in his original graphic novel, titledAnother Angle.