Vol. 104: Entwined In Time

VM Club Record: April 2024

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Special Features
  • Triple Gatefold Jacket with soft-touch coating
  • Fold-out poster
  • Gold & White Smash Vinyl (Standard)
  • Gold, Red and White Smash Vinyl (VIP)
  • Original AR digital experience: VIEW HERE
  • Lyrics & art booklet 
  • Intro letter from Brandon 

A1 Kyle Kepler - Sinner
A3 Blair Borax - I'm Not Listening
A4 Richard String - P.E.
A5 Group Hug - Echo Park
A6 Mystic Toad - Second Wind

B1 Cooza - elderflower white
B2 Alex Dover - Chicken Killing Blues
B3 Solbore & Devin Yu - Possibility Of
B4 Softmax - Obsolete
B5 Fela Dakota - Pour Your Soul


Visual Artist

Alexey Kondakov

Kyiv, Ukraine


The eye-catching work of Alexey Kondakov recontextualizes figures from early modern painting, superimposing them onto documentary-style photographs of mundane modern scenery. A glimpse of this work can be startling, like finding yourself sitting across from Venus de Milo during your morning commute. In a radical act of collage, the artist made a name for himself by photoshopping characters from old world masterpieces into locations around his hometown of Kyiv, Ukraine. In this way, Kondakov has developed a style that incorporates both cutting edge technology and the methods and methods of antiquity. The effect is a re-enchantment of the modern world, suggesting that perhaps our everyday lives are populated by the same saints, sinners and angels of bygone ages, experiencing all the attendant agonies and ecstasies of life alongside the rest of us.