Vinyl Moon is a record of the month subscription and vinyl record label that aims to bring joy and excitement back to music in a physical format.

Vinyl Moon was founded in 2015 by Brandon Bogajewicz, who desired a better way to connect with new music while running the music blog The Burning Ear. Starting with the support of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, the company has grown to serve over 60 countries, with 50+ exclusive releases and over 500 music and visual artists we're proud to call Vinyl Moon alumni. Vinyl Moon believes that the physical format should be just as engaging as the music itself, and they continue to bush the boundaries of what is possible for vinyl records and everything associated with them.

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In the Press

"One of the best gifts for music lovers."

"Some of the coolest, most talented up-and-coming acts in music."

"The one thing uniting all of Vinyl Moon's subscribers is their love and appreciation for analog music."

"Impress all your vinyl-loving friends."

"The #1 gift for the man who loves music."

"Records so cool, you'll want to keep them on display whenever they leave your turntable. Shut up and take my money."

"Vinyl Moon is such a unique subscription for vinyl/music lovers. I can’t get over the monthly artwork and curation, and then there’s the music – the discovery has been a great plus for me with this subscription. I’m a little over a year in and am loving it more and more."