Kauf - Regrowth 2xLP

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This is the first full-length album from Kauf, originally released October 13, 2017. The vinyl edition is a 2xLP in a deluxe gatefold jacket that includes three remixes by Fort Romeau, Ambassadeurs, and Thomaas Banks.

Kauf doesn't fit neatly into any category. His music is primarily electronic, but guitar, bass, and live drums also play a strong role on several songs. There are verses and choruses, but most tracks diverge from strict pop structure with patient builds and well-developed instrumental sections. The only thing that remains constant is his aesthetic, which is dark, gaseous, and spacious. Kauf often leaves as much room for delays and echoes as he does for the original sound source, so his songs and sounds seem to dissipate softly instead of simply ending. Which is maybe why his music leaves such an impression. "Limestone" is a heart-wrenching ballad that avoids any hint of cheesiness, and "A Ruin" is a dark disco treasure complete with glassy synths and groovy bass. There are thousands of projects that approach this kind of cavernous sound, but few that have this level of craft and even fewer that begin to sound this good.

Kauf's track "A Ruin" was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 020: TRANS/MISS/ION.


  • Pacify
  • Key to Life
  • 100
  • A Ruin
  • Limestone
  • Turning
  • Let Slide
  • Applauded
  • Through the Yard
  • Limestone (Thomaas Banks Remix)
  • Key to Life (Ambassadeurs Remix)
  • Through the Yard (Fort Romeau Remix)