• Szymon – Tigersapp LP - VINYL MOON

Szymon – Tigersapp LP

The debut LP from Szymon, pressed on classic black vinyl.

Szymon’s song “Runaway” was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 007: Parallels.

“Even divorced from its heart-breaking backstory, Tigersapp is a special record; a moving insight into the musical mind of Newcastle artist Szymon Borzestowski, who sadly took his own life, aged just 23. Lovingly released by his family and A&R team – who signed him to an EMI development deal at 19 – it’s a collection of sounds cooked up on modest home recording equipment full of innovation, hope and life. A singer-songwriter with a producer’s ear, his honeyed vocals imbue folkier tracks like “Golden” with a sense of sun-dappled warmth, while the electronic-meets-organic instrumentals reflect his love of Animal Collective and Bonobo. Szymon might be gone, but his beautiful music will outlive us all.”

-Darren Levin, Rolling Stone Australia