Vol. 028: Long Intuition

VM Club Record: December 2017

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Special Features
  • Detailed gatefold jacket that unfolds to a two-sided poster 
  • Artbook of detailed sketches and additional illustrations 
  • Sketchbook marbled white vinyl  
  • Lyrics & artist/band bio booklet
  • Intro Letter

A1 1st Vows - All I Hear Is Waves
A2 Instupendo - Play Palette
A3 Steven Bamidele - You Can't Put Out This Fire
A4 Jacqui Siu - Fluorescent Lovers
A5 Kloyd - Balearo

B1 Dr. Doctor - Turbulence
B2 Moods - Truth feat. Beau Nox
B3 Girlhood - Together
B4 Siobhan Sainte - Midnight
B5 Shuhandz & High Flown - Apex


Visual Artist



Elena Limkina's illustrations are detailed and precise, but her portrayal of the natural geometry of her subjects has a way of bringing out the sublime. Instead of appearing clinical, there's a dreamlike quality to the plants and animals on which much of her work focuses. Her art captures the elegance of a puma's slink or the pride in an eagle's roving gaze despite being totally still. In this way, they're reminiscent of the biological illustrations of John Audubon, treating flora and fauna with the utmost respect, and, even more importantly, a sense of wonder.

Elena's work typically focuses on her illustrations and watercolor painting. She has been commissioned by Cartier and Allure, and her work been featured in galleries and studios. In addition to being an accomplished artist, she is a student of medical engineering.