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    An out-of-this-world vinyl club for the adventurous.

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our fans on earth

our fans on earth

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Vinyl Moon is the only vinyl “mixtape” club that combines the best new music with original artwork to create an ultra-deluxe record experience. Every month! Each record gives you a fun, interactive and completely unique way to discover new music and wild artwork each month.
The Best New Music

Immerse yourself in the discovery experience of exploring emerging music from around the globe on stunning vinyl.

Original Artwork

Lose yourself in a fresh world of interactive artwork inspired by the music and designed by amazing visual artists.

Delivered to you

Get a new curated & designed vinyl record (along with its special features) sent to your mailbox every month.

Every Record Tells a Story

Here's how the club works!

New Music Discovery
We Curate the Best New Songs So You Can Discover Them On Vinyl

Our founder, music curator and art director, Brandon Bogajewicz searches the globe for the best new music from Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop, Alt-Dance, Electronic, Beat Tape, and more. He then creates mixes of his favorite songs & moods to press onto beautiful colored vinyl. Each release is a diverse mixtape guaranteed to introduce you to stellar new artists.

Ultra-Deluxe Vinyl
A Visual Artist Designs the Deluxe Record Jacket + Special Features

Each release, we work with a different visual artist to design a unique and interactive record jacket inspired by the music. The artists create original pieces that visually tell the story of the record to give you a fully immersive vinyl experience (with special features and occasional Easter eggs).

Monthly Mailbox Joy
You Get the Planet's Most Unique Vinyl Experience Delivered Monthly

Every month we send you a new, ultra-deluxe vinyl record pressed with the best new music onto mind-expanding colored vinyl. Each Vinyl Moon record is an out-of-this-world experience curated to take you on an adventure of sights and sounds. Explore the collection.

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Get the planet's most unique vinyl experience.

VM Club Membership

Each Month You'll Get

  • That Month's Deluxe Vinyl Record
  • Original Record Art (with Deluxe Surprises)
  • A Lyrics Booklet with Band & Artist Info.
  • Exclusive Member Gifts & Discounts*
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your membership also includes discounts on purchases in our Shop, access to exclusive pressings (before they drop), bundled shipping options and more

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  • Original Record Art (with Deluxe Surprises)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • The greatest records!

    “What you have created is one of the best gifts to humankind. It supports artists, it supports the little guys, it promotes artwork, it's fun and one of the best experiences I look forward to each month.”

    - Daniel W., Australia
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  • Excited for every volume!

    “I absolutely love this company. Everything about it. Such a unique push for records and vinyl in general. I proudly display all my Vinyl Moon Records at my house next to my set up.”

    - Michael M.
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  • Exceptional!

    “You always seem to outdo yourself with each new release. Thank you for the endless high end entertainment… and one of a kind pieces of ART.”

    - Heshy B. (Indiana, USA)
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  • Keep it spinning!

    “I look forward to spinning the new music every month while admiring the artwork, unique inserts, and incredible detail that embody craftsmanship in each release. The experience is definitely deluxe vinyl discovery!”

    - Leanne L., Pennsylvania
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