Vol. 094: Fraternal Eternal

VM Club Record: June 2023

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Special Features
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Deluxe photo book from artist Bernhard Lang
  • Opaque olive green vinyl (Standard) 
  • Olive green vinyl with aqua blue smash (VIP)
  • Original AR digital experience: VIEW HERE
  • Lyrics & art booklet 
  • Intro letter from Brandon

A1: Klaverson - "I'm Coming Home"
A2: Tatum Gale & Laura Jinn - "Poision Darty"
A3: Dave Koda - "Grindall"
A4: All My Madness - "Red Light"
A5: Someday River & The Dropout - "Light Again"
A6: Tamada - "Modis"

B1: Slackin Beats - "What Have U D T M”
B2: Jackliu - "Bluey Orange"
B3: Suncream - "Mushroom"
B4: 44 Ardent - "Fall For U"
B5: GRDN. feat. Oli Rubow - "Torino"


Visual Artist

Bernhard Lang


Munich, Germany.

For nearly 15 years, Bernhard has been looking at the world from a different perspective. His photography series, titled Aerial Views, shows a side of the planet that we don’t usually get to see. By chartering a helicopter and leaning out the window, he captures sites around the world that show the impact of human activity, both for better and for worse.

Rather than dwelling on purely one aspect of the natural world, Bernhard wants to explore the duality between beauty and destruction, attempting to capture the struggle for symbiosis that we seek with our planet. Whether that’s a beach town in Tuscany, mines in Africa, or suburban sprawl, Bernhard’s photography offers the eye plenty to explore.

Bernhard has had work published in Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Wired, and more, with additional commissioned work by Apple, Aston Martin, and Getty Images. His photos have won 1st place from Sony World Photography and the International Photography Awards, with showings in exhibitions worldwide. He currently splits his time between Langenburg and Munich in Germany and Tallinn, Estonia.