Vol. 096: Moonlit Dreams

VM Club Record: August 2023

$ 34.00

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Special Features
  • Deluxe Triple Gatefold Jacket
  • Dream Journal
  • Purple vinyl (Standard) 
  • Translucent purple vinyl with black and violet marbling (VIP)
  • Original AR digital experience: VIEW HERE
  • Lyrics & art booklet 
  • Intro letter from Brandon

A1: Sacha Hoedemaker - "Resolve"
A2: Små Vågor - "Stor mellan"
A3: Felix Bornholdt - "Palais Waipapa"
A4: Houis - "Outgrown"
A5: Halibab Matador - "Ocean/Sea"
A6: Mikael Oterhals - Movements

B1: Inwards - "Tunnel”
B2: G.A.D. & Shoji - "ESL DC"
B3: No Time for Tapes - "Lakeside"
B4: Ronins Musik - "El Cap"
B5: Benji. L. - "Waves"
B6: Yuphoric - "Almighty Goyde"


Visual Artist

David O'Meara


London, England.

A pervading sense of quiet energy suffuses David's digital artwork. His art tends to portray scenes rather than characters, and even the people that do appear in his pieces feel more like part of the setting rather than agents of change. But don't be fooled into thinking his works don't point to a grander story: overturned cars, raging fires, and buildings that have been reclaimed by nature all point to narratives currently in motion. But David leaves the questions about how we got here - and where do we go now? - all up to the viewer.

David trained and worked as a graphic designer before beginning his career as an artist. He creates his art through a combination of collage, digital illustration, and 3D rendering. His design work has been used by hotels, healthcare companies, food producers, album art, and more. You can purchase prints or NFTs of his work from his website.