Vol. 099: Temple Of Whom

VM Club Record: November 2023

$ 39.00

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Special Features
  • Rainbow foil gatefold jacket
  • Embroidered Iron-on Patch
  • White Marble Vinyl (Standard) 
  • White Marble Vinyl With Sunlight Splatter (VIP)
  • Original AR digital experience: VIEW HERE
  • Lyrics & art booklet 
  • Intro letter from Brandon 

A1: Habe - "Bike Ride"
A2: Pen Pin - "Fringe"
A3: Bogan Via - "Everything's Ok"
A4: Secret B - "She Loves"
A5: Twen - "One Stop Shop (For A Fading Revolution)"
A6: Johmen - "Unsafe"

B1: Cagedancr - "Fire”
B2: Max Francis - "Gina"
B3: Joshoo - "Pretend"
B4: Intac- "Uh Huh"
B5: Xelli Island - "The End of Us"
B6: William Tomaas - "Apolune"


Visual Artist

Niv Bavarsky


Niv is a multi-disciplinary artist whose visual artwork explores unusual shapes, bright colors, mythology, humor, the mundane, and the strange. While the word "psychedelic" feels like an overused cop-out, it does capture the swirling eddies and shifting forms found in Niv's illustrations, as well as their ability to veer from playful to menacing at the turn of a line. He's created a sprawling Suessian metropolis for this month's volume of Vinyl Moon. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Niv has worked in editorial illustration, production design & concept art for TV animation, motion graphics, and much more. His client list would make your head spin, and includes brands such as Google, the New York Times, Cartoon Network, ESPN, and much more. Niv is no stranger to the world of music, having created numerous album covers and releasing music himself for film & TV scores, as well as his personal music project, Youngest Brother. He splits his time between Los Angeles, CA & Mexico City.