It's been a SCORCHER of a month over at Vinyl Moon headquarters, which has meant staying close to an air conditioner as much as humanly possible and listening to lots of great new music to distract us from the beads of sweat running down our backs. Come cool down with us!

Clans release debut EP, LA Royalty

"Alibi" - Volume 025 - The Space Between

The wait is over! Clans has released his first full EP, five tracks on the frustrations of being surrounded by fake people and posers. It's a melting pot of doo wop, electronic, and pure rock, signaling great things to come. Listen HERE.

Aidan & The Wild release music video for "Good Enough", teases new side project

"Into The Wild" - Volume 022 - Might

A playing card King, a Queen in distress, and the soulful voice of Aidan aka Diederik van den Brandt - what more could you ask for in a music video? Watch the video HERE. If you can't get enough of Diederik, you'll be happy to hear he will be unveiling a new project soon. We can't tell you much about yet it, but keep your eyes open for more info this fall!

Ben Bostick releases new album, Hellfire

"Sweet Maria" - Volume 017 - Libertas

The week that Ben Bostick released this album, Los Angeles underwent a severe heatwave. Coincidence? You'll have to decide by listening to the latest from this talented Americana/outlaw country artist - dive in HERE.

Majik release new single "X"

"Closer" - Volume 016 - Breathing Shadows

Majik release music selectively, which means that whenever a new song of theirs drops, you should pay attention. Patience has paid off for their newest single, titled "X". Listen HERE.

July 2018

Brandon Bogajewicz
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