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  • The Best Turntables for Upgrading Your Sound

    Choosing the right turntable can feel like a harrowing journey. After all, they're a real investment in your listening. Poor quality turntables will hinder your playback, introduce feedback and distortion, and can even damage records over multiple plays. But product descriptions can use plenty of... View Post
  • Vinyl Moon on Crafting Your Home's Vinyl Listening Room

    Redfin recently compiled a list of expert advice on creating the ideal home vinyl record listening environment, and we're thrilled to have contributed to this guide. There's great advice about matching speakers and amplifiers with the room, but our advice was a little more aesthetically focused: ... View Post
  • Visual Artist Update: Varya Schuka

    It's been a while since we've checked in on Varya Schuka, the visual artist from Vol. 047: Natural Things. She's been busy with a few collections lately that show her pushing and growing in new directions. Her collection Patronus sees her surreal digital worlds applied to portraits of individuals... View Post