Vol. 100: Century (2x LP Special Release)

VM Club Record: December 2023

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Special Features
  • Double LP with four sides of great music!
  • Gatefold jacket
  • XL Cut-Out Poster (w/ mini vinyl world)
  • Double LP Magenta and Deep Green Vinyl (Standard) 
  • Double LP Gold Leaf Red and Pulp Paper Marble Vinyl (VIP)
  • Original AR digital experience: VIEW HERE
  • Lyrics & art booklet 
  • Intro letter from Brandon 

A1: Deathsport - "Me Person"
A2: Jeen - "Just Shadows"
A3: Pine Barons - "Frantic Francis"
A4: Sego - "TANDANG"
A5: Work Wife - "Control"
A6: Ryan Ritual - "Where Did Love Go"
A7: Castle Theater - "Slow Cannonball"

B1: Scoobert Doobert - "Getting Easier”
B2: Jason Nolan - "Cantonese Dream"
B3: Yum Yuck - "Wormwood"
B4: Husbands & Jaguar Sun - "First Time Caller"
B5: Ormiston - "Lose Yourself"
B6: Pr0files - "L.I.M.E."
B7: New Body Electric - "running out on a feeling"

C1: Cape Francis - "Even in the Dark"
C2: Stolen Jars - "Won't Stay Gone Forever"
C3: Scott Orr - "Clear"
C4: Under Islands - "Threads"
C5: Luke De-Sciscio - "The Girl With the Thorn in Her Side"
C6: Magnus Bechmann - "I'm Still Here"
C7: Van Common - "Athens"
C8: Vilde - "Piñata"

D1: Y.LOH, Rey Lobo - "Te Pido"
D2: Alexander IV - "Lento"
D3: Be.lanuit - "El Malagueño"
D4: moon:and:6 x [zoethecat] - "Sputnik 1957"
D5: Hark Madley - "Joy 1"
D6: Justin Loring - "Feed"
D7: Brecon - "Delve"


Visual Artist

Yvan "Samplerman" Guillo


Samplerman is the alias (or alter-ego...?) of artist & cartoonist Yvan Guillo. In his work, Yvan collages, mangles, and manipulates elements of panels from the golden era of American comic books. The results are abstract and kaleidoscopic, often playing with formats from comics or other forms of art. But they're also deeply engaging, utilizing nostalgic color palettes and drawings that capture big actions and storytelling tropes presented in exciting new contexts. A Vinyl Moon veteran whose art graced the cover of the long sold-out Volume 018: Intrepid Curves, we were thrilled to bring Yvan and his artwork back for our very special 100th volume.Yvan's work includes single pieces as well as long-form nonlinear comics which are presented in bound books and have been published by groups including ION Editions, Secret Headquarters, kuš!, and more. Prints and other items are currently available on the artist's Society6 shop.