Vol. 008: Seedshine

April 2016

Visual Artist: MaryLou Faure

Gatefold jacket with spot UV highlights 
Watermelon slice standup popout 
Green & pink spectrum vinyl with unique blend on each record 
Lyrics & art postcard sheet 
Intro letter

A1: Montmartre – “Out of Violence”
A2: Rywolf – “Like You”
A3: Seeb – “Simple Life”
A4: Nvdes – “Pressure”
A5: RDGLDGRN – “Pressure”
B1: Hans Island – “I’m Yours”
B2: Dresses – “Let Down”
B3: Paul Thomas Zito – “Cosmonaut” (feat. Phil Jacoby)
B4: Deaths – “Saviour”
B5: Inspired & The Sleep – “Sleeps Well On Knives”