Vol. 013: Meanwhile...

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  • $ 30.00

October 2016

Visual Artist: Sean William Randall

Spot gloss UV jacket 
Sticker sheet of cars and explosions 
4 foldout inserts for custom sticker application 
Explosion colored vinyl 
Lyrics & art booklet 
Intro letter

A1: Ten Fé - "Elodie"
A2: Great American Canyon Band - "Come Home"
A3: Exes - "twentythousand"
A4: tamper - "Bought And Sold"
A5: Private Island - "Drugs"
B1: The Soft White Sixties - "Tell Me It's Over"
B2: Matt Gresham - "Small Voices"
B3: Coast Modern - "Hollow Life"
B4: Elliot Harris - "Ovr U"
B5: Worn Tin - "Sensitivity"