Vol. 084: Sour Idols

VM Club Record: August 2022

$ 39.00

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Special Features
  • Triple gatefold jacket with colored inner pockets
  • Spot-gloss UV
  • Lemon yellow vinyl (Standard)
  • Translucent lilac vinyl (VIP)
  • Custom AR digital experience: VIEW HERE
  • Lyrics & artist/band bio booklet
  • Intro letter

A1: Deathsport - "Restless Legs Syndrome"
A2: Abby Diamond - "Cool Water"
A3: Coyote Island - "Hello Silence"
A4: Dante Elephante - "E-Motion"
A5: Creature of Doom - "Dead Ringer"
A6: Tablefox - "Burning Bridges"

B1: Pine Barons - "Colette"
B2: Carriers - "Without You"
B3: Vance Eris - "Athena"
B4: Sleepy Soul - "Stars"
B5: Sixteen Jackies - "VHS #2 (MASKS)"


Visual Artist



Glass Crayons describes himself as a pixel artist, and while his artwork obviously recalls classic video games and early internet culture, it's his use of other artistic styles that elevate his pieces into something more than squares of nostalgia. The use of symbology from Roman & Greek classicism holds extra weight when depicted in pixels, and his many abstract layouts draw inspiration from movements as varied as surrealism, neo-expressionism, and vaporwave. Glass Crayon's palette of muted pastels and anachronous depictions of subjects like 8-bit iPhones add even more depth, providing his art a non-threatening feeling while also giving the impression that something's a bit off. A perfect digital world to explore for this month's Vinyl Moon.

Glass Crayon has a robust online presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord without shedding much light on the man behind the pixels. You can support the artist via exclusive licenses on Art Grab or by snagging yourself some Hot Shrimp NFTs.