Visual Artist Feature: Nate Harris

Volume 039 is an introspective record that suggests a direction but lets you choose your path. The album's design needed to share that sense of self-guided meditation. The artwork of Nate Harris was a natural fit, with minimal linework, shapes and silhouettes giving your imagination room to run wild. Join us as we learn more about Nate's background and distinctive artistic style.

Nate Harris caught the design bug from computer graphics courses in high school. After he found that passion, he pursued graphic design in college and began his career in art and design, eventually moving to Philadelphia. Nate is a multitalented artist, creating in the mediums of sculpture, woodworking, printmaking, and illustration, among others. Many of these branches can be traced to his life experiences. For example, his love for woodworking originated from building skate ramps as a kid. His past pursuit of music informs his designs for tour posters and bands. His love for the places he has lived exudes from large-scale murals and gallery exhibitions alike. But no matter the format, his fingerprint is visible, whether it's a commissioned work for a commercial brand or a purely artistic expression.

The art of Nate Harris typically features characters in unusual shapes, profiles, and perspectives. Many of his works feature numerous people who flow across your field of vision with a sense of motion. Others feel like the icons of an ancient tribe, immediately recognizable and alluring. He credits part of this aesthetic shift to a study of Eskimo art, as well as the minimalism imposed by the constraints of working with certain materials. One also sees the influence of ancient art in his use of color - usually limited to only a couple hues per piece, without varying shades. These strong colors, along with bold lines and careful use of space, make his figures distinct and unique, guiding the eye and giving each persona a life even in his busiest murals. Creating figures that engage viewers either on their own or in a crowd is no easy task, and Nate Harris accomplishes it time and time again.

Unsurprisingly, the universal approachability of Nate's art has led to an impressive portfolio of work. His gallery show in Antwerp, Sub Urban, showed the influence of geographic location over time. He's had murals and artwork commissioned by Target, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Adobe, Warby Parker and more. And his love of changing mediums means you can find his art on city parks and public places, repurposed skateboards, book covers, handmade zines, and more. We can't wait to see what comes next. Explore more of Nate Harris's work HERE.