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Visual Artist Feature

  • Visual Artist Feature: Nate Harris

    Volume 039 is an introspective record that suggests a direction but lets you choose your path. The album's design needed to share that sense of self-guided meditation. The artwork of Nate Harris was a natural fit, with minimal linework, shapes and silhouettes giving your imagination room to run wild. Join us as we learn more about Nate's background and distinctive artistic style. View Post
  • Visual Artist Feature: Tessa Rose Jackson / Someone

      Volume 036 is a collection of music about bodies and minds that move in the world, and the mysterious art and iconography of Tessa Rose Jackson is a perfect match for it. Tessa, who creates art and music under the moniker Someone, was the mastermind behind the volume's phenakistoscopes. Phenak... View Post
  • Visual Artist Feature: Jonas Fisch

    An explosion of sounds deserves an explosion of sights, and, after listening to our mix for Volume 035, Jonas Fisch gave us just that. His original piece, More Boom Than A Dynamite Store, is jam-packed with figures, colors, shapes, and meanings. Naturally, we needed to know more. Join us as we ... View Post