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Visual Artist Feature

  • Visual Artist Update: Varya Schuka

    It's been a while since we've checked in on Varya Schuka, the visual artist from Vol. 047: Natural Things. She's been busy with a few collections lately that show her pushing and growing in new directions. Her collection Patronus sees her surreal digital worlds applied to portraits of individuals... View Post
  • Visual Artist Feature: Nate Harris

    Volume 039 is an introspective record that suggests a direction but lets you choose your path. The album's design needed to share that sense of self-guided meditation. The artwork of Nate Harris was a natural fit, with minimal linework, shapes and silhouettes giving your imagination room to run wild. Join us as we learn more about Nate's background and distinctive artistic style. View Post
  • Visual Artist Feature: Tessa Rose Jackson / Someone

      Volume 036 is a collection of music about bodies and minds that move in the world, and the mysterious art and iconography of Tessa Rose Jackson is a perfect match for it. Tessa, who creates art and music under the moniker Someone, was the mastermind behind the volume's phenakistoscopes. Phenak... View Post