Vol. 022: Might

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June 2017

Visual Artist: Mister Mourao

Gatefold jacket with detailed architectural artwork
Double LP with screenprinted design on translucent vinyl 
Intro letter 
Lyrics & art info insert

A1: Panther Martin - "Take Two"
A2: Oya Paya - "Just a Little Man"
A3: Ryan Oxford - "Flashes of Rage"
A4: Aidan & The Wild - "Into The Wild"
A5: Hayes Peebles - "Home"
B1: Stevie Talks - "Someday"
B2: Luu - "Don't Love You Like I Love You"
B3: Giant Rooks - "New Estate"
B4: Verge Collection - "Class of 09"
B5: Chick Quest - "Savant Grande"