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Vol. 022: Might

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June 2017

Visual Artist: Mister Mourao

  • Gatefold jacket with detailed architectural artwork
  • Double LP with screenprinted design on translucent vinyl 
  • Lyrics & artist/band bio booklet
  • Intro Letter

A1: Panther Martin - "Take Two"
A2: Oya Paya - "Just a Little Man"
A3: Ryan Oxford - "Flashes of Rage"
A4: Aidan & The Wild - "Into The Wild"
A5: Hayes Peebles - "Home"

B1: Stevie Talks - "Someday"
B2: Luu - "Don't Love You Like I Love You"
B3: Giant Rooks - "New Estate"
B4: Verge Collection - "Class of 09"
B5: Chick Quest - "Savant Grande"





Vasco Mourão works on the perception, texture and memory of the urban landscape. Only with a pen and time, his practice obsessively focuses on the representation of cities through drawings on paper, wood, stone and metal. Drawings of cityscapes and other architectural meanderings at large, rearranged on the canvas.

Inhabiting a place between fine art and illustration, Vasco Mourão creates bespoke artworks and large scale murals for various private clients, galleries and institutions, working also on selected editorial commissions. Originally from Portugal, now based in Barcelona (when not on the yearly work & travel walkabout).

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