Vol. 037: Rebirth

September 2018

Visual Artist: Shreya Gupta

  • Classic tip-on style gatefold jacket with mythological artwork
  • Includes a felt slipmat featuring artwork from the jacket
  • Clear vinyl with purple smoke
  • Intro letter 
  • Lyrics & art info insert

A1:  Superheart - "After Midnight"
A2: Joshua Worden - "Tennessee"
A3: Bo Elledge - "Let's Get It"
A4:Christian Besa Wright - "Cherry Blossom Oak"
A5: Jon Coyle - "Fun & Levitating"
A6: Duets And Stuff - "Serve Somebody"

B1: ANKŌ - "Hollow"
B2: VLMV - "If Only I"
B3: 1900 - "Ljuva Mekaniska Jag"
B4: John Burnette - "Pale And Blue"
B5: My Fellow Sponges - "Schlieffen Plan"




Shreya Gupta is a New York based illustrator and book designer. She is originally from India, but her passion for drawing and illustration brought her to the United States, where she pursued an MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts, NY. 

As a child who enjoyed taking photographs, she was told that she was “too young” to carry around a camera. So instead, she started drawing the places and things she wanted to remember, and that is how she was introduced to art.

Apart from drawing, Shreya loves to travel and never holds back from trying new cuisines.