Vol. 036: Shapeshifters

  • $ 35.00

August 2018

Visual Artist: Tessa Rose Jackson

Gatefold jacket with evocative, abstract artwork
Three double-sided phenakistoscope inserts that combine and animate on your turntable 
Translucent red vinyl with yellow splatter
Intro letter 
Lyrics & art info insert


A1: Cautious Clay - "Cold War"
A2: Payton Odom - "At My Door"
A3: Shyla Buff - "An Indication"
A4: Women In Love - "Tonight"
A5: The Millennial Club - "Love Is So Hard!"
B1: Catching Flies - "Komorebi"
B2: VIMALA - "Crystal"
B3: Georgi Kay - "Guilty Pleasures"
B4: DIICE - "Do Wrong"
B5: Sassy 009 - "Are You Leaving"