Vol. 002: Familiar Mystery

Awarded Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators

October 2015

Visual Artist: Keith Negley

A1: Gavin Turek - "Don't Fight It"
A2: Oslo Parks - "The Night"
A3: Ole Hegle - "Wildlife"
A4: Ghost Lion (formerly Kin Cayo) - "Our Ship"
A5: Scavenger Hunt - "Lost (Noah Hyde remix)"
B1: Absofacto - "Dissolve"
B2: Cultfever - "Gloria"
B3: Sivik - "High"
B4: J. Laser - "Dreamphone"
B5: Tep No - "The Last Ones Standing"

Marbled Yellow Vinyl
Textured Spot UV Gloss
Movable Sized Booklet
4 Gatefold Image Booklet