Vol. 018: Intrepid Curves

February 2017

Visual Artist: Samplerman

Action packed gatefold jacket
20 page oversized mind bending comic
“Used Silly Putty” colored vinyl
Intro letter 
Lyrics & art info insert

A1: Men I Trust - "Lauren"
A2: The Lagoons - "California"
A3: Justin Loring - "Toasty"
A4: Camino 84 - "Oh My ft. Sidney Gish "
A5: Slow Shiver - "In Blue (Drive By Delivery)"
B1: isle&fever - "Far Away"
B2: Andrew St. James - "In the Morning"
B3: Jane's Party - "Cigarette Buzz"
B4: Otis English - "Young Kids, Old Love"
B5: The Dig - "Let Your Lover Know"