Vol. 025: The Space Between

September 2017

Visual Artist: Jack Bloom

  • Gatefold jacket with spot-gloss accents 
  • Lenticular card with mystic animation 
  • Transparent magic card 
  • Marbled sky-blue vinyl 
  • Intro Letter 
  • Lyrics & art info insert


Full Tracklist: 

A1: Maxim Ludwig - "No One Has To Know"
A2: JW Ridley - "Everything (Deathless)"
A3: Giungla - "Cold"
A4: Vilde - "Stimuli"
A5: Black Fly - "Dipped"

B1: Clans - "Alibi"
B2: Mating Ritual - "Second Chance"
B3: Kent Odessa - "Palms Motel"
B4: The Night Thief - "Wavess"
B5: Lapre - "Gone Away"




Jack Bloom is hard to nail down. His style is chameleonic, moving effortlessly from modern polish to retro cartoon to whimsical satire, to name just a few examples. Yet his work all features a common thread of, not exactly minimalism, but a sort of clean elegance. Everything seems deliberate, layers of meaning working beneath other layers that merge together in the pursuit of greater significance.

Like his artwork, Jack's talents are diverse. Beyond illustration and design, Jack is an expert on branding, customer experience & user interface, business development, and more. His work has been used by giants like Coca-Cola, apps and services like THE HOUSE and mashupDJ, and local institutions as varied as a creative maker collective and a hot dog shop. He has designed typefaces and been featured in art galleries. A self-professed lover of video games and nerd culture, his personal work features tributes to Marvel, Rick & Morty, Dragonball Z, Final Fantasy, and more.