Vol. 031: The Nature Of Inner Space

March 2018

Visual Artist: Young & Sick
Poetry: Henry Goldkamp


  • Gatefold jacket with its own immersive world
  • 12-page music zine featuring original poetry by Henry Goldkamp 
  • Marbled violet colored vinyl 
  • Intro letter 
  • Lyrics & art info insert

A1: The Invisible People - "Safari"
A2: Koresma - "Forest Sang"
A3: Lion, Meet Lizard - "Relief washes over me in an awesome wave"
A4: Ryan Little - "Good Grief"
A5: Slow Dancing Society - "Lilacs"
B1: PowerPCME - "Honda Civic, Windows Down"
B2: Julian Gray - "Navigate"
B3: Like Magic - "Ocean Inside"
B4: Constantia Mom - "Fingers"