Vol. 005: Go Outsize!

January 2016

Visual Artist: Sanda Anderlon

5-panel Gatefold Jacket 
Continuous & detailed collage art on all sides 
Aquamarine colored vinyl 
Lyrics & art postcard sheet 
Intro letter

A1: Sorcha Richardson - "Petrol Station"
A2: Breen - "Make Sense"
A3: Olive White - "Steak"
A4: Bungalow - "A Little More"
A5: Nite Swim - "Pool Party"
B1: Banoffee - "Let's Go To The Beach"
B2: Woolf and The Wondershow - "Cloaked"
B3: Neonderthal - "Lost & Found"
B4: P'Aris - "Heaven & High Water"
B5: Wolftree - "Sleep Well"