Vol. 007: Parallels

March 2016

Visual Artist: Kim Salt

Unique gatefold jacket with immersive illustrations 
2 insert booklets attached to each side of the inner gatefold 
2 graphic stories meant to be read in multiple ways 
Space taffy colored vinyl 
Lyric & art postcard sheet 
Intro letter


A1: Szymon - "Runaway"
A2: FRENSHIP - "Nowhere"
A3: IYES - "Lessons"
A4: Favored Nations - "Always"
A5: Muna - "Promise"
B1: Satchmode - "Afterglow"
B2: Dead Times - "Lightness"
B3: Butterfly Hunter - "Easy"
B4: JOAN - "Greenwich Dives"
B5: Safari Gold - "Howl"