Vol. 009: Shifting States

  • $ 27.00
  • $ 30.00

May 2016

Visual Artist: Michael Heck

Gatefold jacket with mystic botanical illustrations
12-page super zine with gold foil accents
2 additional mini-zines
Pollen haze colored vinyl
Lyrics & art postcard sheet
Intro letter

Tracklist: A1: St. Tropez – “Son Of God"
A2: Controller – “Flame”
A3: Friska Viljor – “In My Sofa I'm safe”
A4: The Sweet Serenades – “Pressure”
A5: The Gloomies – “Groves”
A6: Stolen Jars - "Kept"
B1: TWINKIDS – “Dreamer”
B2: Andre Tajchman – “Foe"
B3: SKYES – “Dry”
B4: O Mer – “Now I'm Alive”
B5: Oylo – “Just In Case"