Vol. 010: Dry

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June 2016

Visual Artist: Graham Robinson

  • Barn-door gatefold jacket
  • 2 additional gatefold inserts with fantastic, taxonomic illustrations
  • Swamper's Notes sketchbook & matching pencil
  • Translucent smokey red vinyl
  • Lyrics & art postcard sheet
  • Intro letter


Full Tracklist:
A1: Old Sea Brigade - "Love Brought Weight"
A2: DYAN - "St James"
A3: BUCK - "Underneath The Glow Of My Skin"
A4: Bobby Uzöma - "Holy Grails"
A5: YesYou - "Through Your Eyes" ft. La Mar
B1: Allthingslost - "Deceit"
B2: Ben Hobbs - "Wishful Thinking"
B3: 2001 - "Overloaded"
B4: Monakr - "Calling Out"
B5: Viigo - "Move"





Graham is deeply influenced by music, adventures in canoeing, and his relationships with family and loved ones. This inspires him to create imagery of a world where narrative, emotion and symbolism intertwine to tell stories just beyond reality. Graham’s work feels like memories of moments yet to come. It is slightly surreal but also grounded and familiar. In this world, challenges are welcome opportunities for personal growth, and emotions tell a story both unique and universal.

Using his creative work as a way to understand his own failures and aspirations, Graham doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable questions regarding addiction, isolation, anger, and mental illness. It is through this unique perspective that Graham is able to challenge the world around him and create imagery that feels sincere and relatable to anyone who finds solace in paddling through their own mind in a humble canoe.