Vol. 014: From The Window

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  • $ 30.00
Awarded Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators

October 2016

Visual Artist: George Wylesol

Gatefold jacket with suburban dystopian illustrations 
16-page fold out art newspaper insert 
Crystal clear vinyl with yellow splatter 
Lyric & Art booklet 
Intro letter

A1: Everything Is Green - "Drip Dry"
A2: Mallrat - "For Real"
A3: BF/C - "Temple"
A4: Pleasure Principle - "Let Me Hear It"
A5: PAIDEIA - "Restless Child"
B1: Arthur Wimble - "Hearts"
B2: Noble Oak - "All I Said"
B3: beGun - "NARI"
B4: Vimes - "Rudal"