Vol. 015: Taking Shapes

  • $ 27.00
  • $ 30.00

November 2016

Visual Artist: Jack Tite

Gatefold jacket 
Spot UV highlights 
Double-sided fold-out poster 
Hemoglobin-colored vinyl 
Intro letter 
Lyric & Artist info booklet

A1: PAPA - "Comfort's a Killer"
A2: Chris Watts - "Let Go"
A3: Freedom Fry - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
A4: Sonstep - "Sweet Wife Life"
A5: Adam Jensen - "Numb"
B1: FIL BO RIVA - "Like Eye Did"
B2: The Bones of JR Jones - "Hammers and Nails"
B3: SHARKO - "Galileo"
B4: Brothers - "Hope Y'all Die"
B5: ENTRADA - "Today's the Last Day"