Vol. 024: The Lost Expedition

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  • $ 30.00

August 2017

Visual Artist: Gabriele Brombin

Gatefold jacket with spot-gloss accents 
Foldout map to alien lands 
Three gorgeous art inserts on cardstock 
Marbled burgundy vinyl 
Intro letter 
Lyrics & art info insert

A1: Only Girl - "Heights"
A2: Daunt - "Drive"
A3: Jake McMullen - "Falling"
A4: Manwel T - "Atlantis"
A5: Brandyn Burnette - "Escape"
B1: Kyson - "Pictures"
B2: Tamu Massif - "OK"
B3: New Mystics - "Sparrows"
B4: Claremont - "Rüfu"
B5: NASA - "Chorus Radio Waves within Earth's Atmosphere"