Vol. 033: Static In Motion

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May 2018

Visual Artist: Keith Rankin

Die-cut gatefold jacket revealing a double-sided insert with customizable scenes
Vaporwave artwork from one of the genre's most prolific artists
Translucent vinyl with black and red smoke 
Intro letter 
Lyrics & art info insert

A1:  회사AUTO "KR-3"
A2: Lucid Sound Driver - "Fractal Passage"
A3: Donovan Hikaru - "Nighttime Island Dance"
A4: Satin Sheets - "CampNight"
A5: ESPRIT 空想 - "Trip || The OC"
A6: 猫 シ Corp. - "Saturday (Vinyl Moon mix)"
B1: valyri - "Dreaming of what almost wasn't"
B2: Ohm-N-I - "Coral Reef (Feat. Kai Beckman)"
B3: Staqq Overflo - "Synthetic // Pines"
B4: Hantasi - "Crystal Airwaves"
B5: Power Windoze - "Blooming Love (DJ Eyebrow Ring Vocal Mix feat. Megan Lloyd"