Vol. 034: Mazed and Confused

  • $ 27.00
  • $ 30.00

June 2018

Visual Artist: Toma Vagner

Spot-gloss gatefold jacket with interactive games and puzzles
Deluxe poster insert with additional art
Alligator green marbled vinyl
Intro letter 
Lyrics & art info insert

A1:  Nona - "Real Life"
A2: Quiet Domino - "Metropelium"
A3: Arms Akimbo - "Parachute"
A4: John Thumb - "Footsteps"
A5: Jake Tavill - "Truth"
B1: Overjoy - "Women"
B2: STAL - "The Crime"
B3: Hidden Houses - "Try To Be Yourself"
B4: Foreign Air - "Lying"
B5: Shane Euston - "Toxic Love"