Vol. 036: Shapeshifters

August 2018

Visual Artist: Tessa Rose Jackson

  • Gatefold jacket with evocative, abstract artwork
  • Three double-sided phenakistoscope inserts that combine and animate on your turntable 
  • Translucent red vinyl with yellow splatter
  • Intro letter 
  • Lyrics & art info insert



A1: Cautious Clay - "Cold War"
A2: Payton Odom - "At My Door"
A3: Shyla Buff - "An Indication"
A4: Women In Love - "Tonight"
A5: The Millennial Club - "Love Is So Hard!"

B1: Catching Flies - "Komorebi"
B2: VIMALA - "Crystal"
B3: Georgi Kay - "Guilty Pleasures"
B4: DIICE - "Do Wrong"
B5: Sassy 009 - "Are You Leaving"




There must be magic at play in the shapes of Tessa Rose Jackson, for even though her art features few recognizable objects beyond staircases and thresholds, her pieces still evoke complex emotions. Jackson's abstract scenes blend the distinctive geometric figures of Piet Mondrian, the impossible realism of MC Escher, and the emotive-yet-muted color palettes of Wassily Kandinsky, while still maintaining a strong personal style. Perhaps because of the dark colors, or perhaps because of their dreamlike quality, much of her art feels nocturnal, although nothing feels at rest. She constantly plays with motion, changing forms, and shifting perspectives. We're thrilled to have her morph this month's volume into something truly special.

Tessa Rose Jackson is a multi-disciplinary artist who has created visual art, music, film, and more. She releases her work in all their formats under the moniker Someone, to direct focus on her creations rather than her identity. And there's a lot to pay attention to. After exploring the visual art of Volume 036: Shapeshifters, we recommend diving into her Chain Reaction EP,  then watching the accompanying short films.