Vol. 041: Life Is Long

  • $ 30.00

January 2019

Visual Artist: Pseudodudo

Die-cut triple euro-style jacket
Double-sided inner sleeve with additional art inside the sleeve 
Newspaper art insert
Sky-blue marbled vinyl
Intro letter
Lyrics & art info insert

    A1: Benjamin Lazar Davis - "A Love Song Seven Ways"
    A2: The Undercover Dream Lovers - "Feelin' Left Out"
    A3: Emmett Kai - "Juicy"
    A4: Michael Flynn - "Professional Network"
    A5: Lenina Crowne - "Morse Code"
    B1: Francis - "All I Want"
    B2: Ages and Ages - "Needle and Thread"
    B3: Steve Davit - "Forward"
    B4: Cloud - "Wildfire"
    B5: Filthy Kitsch - "Comet Tails"