Vol. 044: Choose A Side

VM Club Record: April 2019

$ 34.00

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Special Features
  • Fully sealed tip-on style jacket - you choose which side to open!
  • Artwork that rotates to any orientation
  • Double-sided full-color printed sleeve
  • Poster insert with additional artwork
  • One of two randomly selected color variants - earth island in clear vinyl (pictured), or forest island in clear vinyl
  • Lyrics & artist/band bio booklet
  • Intro Letter

A1: Isaac Haines - "Low Key Plan"
A2: Meernaa - "Wildest Eyes"
A3: Sebastian Kamae - "Stranger"
A4: Fanny Price - "Reverie"
A5: neek - "Words I Shouldn't Have"

B1: (EDOUARD) - "Suite No 1 Mouvement 1"
B2: Andreas Söderström & Rickard Jäverling - "Adria 450"
B3: Cruel Clouds - "Clear"
B4: Peter Gyurko - "Naked Deer Listening In The Wind"


Visual Artist



Cinta Vidal is based in Barcelona, Spain, where she has been drawing all her life. As she was studying at the Massana Art School, she apprenticed at Castells Planas, one of the top scenography ateliers in all of Europe. She eventually began painting massive backdrops for operas around the world. It's easy to see how creating these works by walking on massive canvasses and painting with a broomstick-sized brush led to her ability to understand and twist scenes into new perspectives. Cinta's murals and gallery exhibitions can be found across the globe, from her home of Spain, to Hong Kong, Japan, Hawai'i, California, and more.