Vol. 049: Memory Museum

VM Club Record: September 2019

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Special Features
  • Tip-on style gatefold jacket with UV spot-gloss highlights
  • Additional art poster insert
  • Bone colored vinyl (Standard)
  • Sky blue colored vinyl (VIP)
  • Lyrics & art postcard sheet 
  • Intro letter

A1: Story of Luc - "Go On"
A2: Warming - "White Lies"
A3: Wasuremono - "Are You OK?"
A4: Sunshine Brothers Inc. - "In Your Dreams"
A5: Diamond Thug - "Gaiafy"

B1: Safe To Swim - "Why Does He Wanna Know?"
B2: GoldenStates - "Winding River"
B3: Cavern Company - "Enough?"
B4: The Panic Division - "Kill the Lights"
B5: We Are Rome - "Whitley Bay"


Visual Artist



Laurie Avon is a freelance illustrator in editorial and publishing. His signature style is bold and intricate, championing the handmade process of lino cutting. His clients include Penguin, Tortoise Media, SoccerBible, Vinyl Moon and It’s Nice That. His personal work is rooted in activism, with a sustained exploration into the UK’s refugee crisis.

Laurie works from his home studio in Brighton.