Vol. 074: A Journey Interrupted

VM Club Record: October 2021

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Special Features
  • Deluxe tip-on style gatefold jacket with matte finish
  • Pop-up panels on center spread reveal additional scenes
  • Custom mini deck of 11 tarot cards
  • White-green smash vinyl with gold splatter (VIP)
  • Grey blob in cream vinyl (Standard)
  • Lyrics & artist/band bio booklet
  • Intro letter

A1: Night Flight - "Something Going on"
A2: Swnami - "Uno Cydio Tanio"
A3: John Paul Frank - "Keep Us Alive"
A4: Peter Anderson - "Shavasana"
A5: Be.Lanuit (w/ Melón Jimenez & El Último Grito) - "Dulce Catharsis / Odian"

B1: IHF - "In My Skin"
B2: Juni Habel - "Run Dry"
B3: Tokalah - "Aesthetics"
B4: Blue Canopy - "Motovun"
B5: Paper Dog - "Where Do We Go?"
B6: Three Colored Squares - "The Walk In Falling Leaves"


Visual Artist



It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Kaila’s illustrations so beguiling. There is a storybook quality to them, but with a sense of mystery, mischief, and even danger - think Grimm’s rather than Disney. Kaila Gee primarily illustrates in gouache and digital formats, but her art practice extends to fiber crafts, art dolls & sculptures, as well as handmade ornaments. Her YouTube channel offers a behind-the-scenes look at her process, letting you peek into sketchbooks and get information on prints, pins, and other art items she’s made.