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Vol. 086: The Palm Rose

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October 2022

Visual Design: Justine Shirin

  • Custom hotel keychain
  • Triple gatefold jacket
  • Rose pink vinyl (Standard)
  • Rose pink vinyl with black splatter (VIP)
  • Custom AR digital experience: VIEW HERE
  • Lyrics & artist/band bio booklet
  • Intro letter


A1: Just Super - "Someday"
A2: Kowloon - "Life in Japan"
A3: Titus Bank - "I Do Yeah"
A4: Bob Bleedy - "Sniffer Dogs"
A5: Twuna - "Stay"

B1: Calper & Ollie Hussey - "For a While"
B2: Alexander Wesley - "To Myself"
B3: Harry Heart - "Heat"
B4: Sean Rogan - "Neighbour"
B5: Josh Tavares - "Tightrope"




Justine's illustrations utilize minimalistic airiness and architecturally-inspired axonometry that put the viewer in the position of a curious eyewitness. Even though her scenes are a single frame, each work can tell an entire story via carefully placed details that unfurl entire dramas as your eye explores the piece. Along the way, the art raises questions: is that watermelon salesman sleeping, or...? Like a detective, only you as the viewer can put together the whole story, even if that means deconstructing and reinventing it as it draws you in again and again.

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Justine's work has been commissioned by the well-renowned Lithuanian publication Nemunas, Quartz, children's books, album artwork, and much more. She is inspired by classic American cinema, the polished eeriness of white-fenced suburbia, abandoned gas stations on Route 66, and the electrified silence of Western showdowns. You can purchase prints of her work on her website.




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