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Vinyl Accessories for Beginners

Vinyl Accessories for Beginners

You’ve got your turntable, you’ve got your speaker setup, and you’ve got your first records. Congratulations, you’re officially headed down the vinyl rabbithole! But you may already have some questions as to how to get the most out of your music - preferably without breaking the bank. Never fear, we’re here to help with a guide to the must-have accessories for any new vinyl-lover. These reasonably priced pieces will help clean, store, and protect your records so they can bring you joy for years to come.

Record cleaning brush & stylus gel
$15.97 // Order on Amazon

Whether they’re brand new, vintage classics, or somewhere in between, records have a tendency to collect dust & paper scraps. And you probably already know that touching the grooves of your records is a big no-no. Behold: the record cleaning brush. This affordable accessory gets dust and dirt out of the record grooves, which both provides a cleaner listening experience as well as prevents the stylus from dragging and gouging anything into the surface of the record.

We love this slick brush from EVEO, which will have your record surfaces clear after a few rotations. As a bonus, it includes stylus cleaning gel to help remove any unwanted debris. Another way to keep those fingers away from the intricate parts!

Record outer sleeves
100 pk for $25.97 // Order on Amazon

Outer sleeves are your first line of defense in keeping your records safe on the shelf. But there’s something to be said for convenience here, too - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled with outer sleeves that seem juuuuust a bit too small. These sleeves are tried and tested. Good for protecting the jacket and the precious musical cargo within, you’ll want to buy a big pack of these and slip any new purchases in as soon as they make it to your shelves. We recommend forming a seal by making the top of the sleeve perpendicular with the mouth of the jacket for extra protection.

Vinyl Moon Inner Sleeves

Vinyl Moon Record Inner Sleeves
100 pk for $33 // Order on Vinyl Moon

You've covered the jacket, now get added protection for the record itself! The flimsy paper sleeves that come with most records leave paper scraps and cause static build-up that attract dust and damage the delicate grooves of your favorite albums. Our custom, high-quality inner sleeves not only combat static & debris, but also indicate at a glance the sleeve opening - avoiding any dropped discs. 

Vinyl Cleaning Solution

Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution
$12.95 // Order on Amazon

80% of the time a quick brush will get your records as clean as they need to be. But every once in a while, there might be layers of gunk and grime that dry-brushing just won’t solve. For those times, a few spritzes of this solution and a few quick wipes with a micro-fiber cloth will get the surface of your vinyl sparkling clean. This solution gently cleans without containing any harsh compounds like alcohol or ammonia, which can weaken the plasticizers in the vinyl. 

Vinyl Moon Deluxe Cork Turntable Mat
$30 // Order on Vinyl Moon

When you’re ready to upgrade from the felt slipmat that came with your turntable, we’ve got just the thing. Our Deluxe Moonman Mat is made from a cork/rubber hybrid to improve isolation and reduce record wear. The material provides improved grip, which means less slippage and fewer timing errors, and the denser material helps prevent feedback. Plus, the custom design by YAWN looks pretty slick, if we do say so ourselves.

Neoteck Stylus Force Gauge

Neoteck Digital Stylus Force Gauge
$19.99 // Order on Amazon

If you’ve got an adjustable turntable arm and you want to fully nerd out on optimization, a stylus force gauge is the only way. This tool allows you to measure the force of the stylus on the record. If the force is too heavy, you could wear out the grooves prematurely; too light, and the needle can jump out of the groove. Achieving just-right perfection with this scale will help you achieve the best audio quality while simultaneously extending the life of your records. This gadget isn’t a must-have for beginners, but consider it a great next step into true vinyl nerdery.

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