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Vinyl Accessories for Beginners

Vinyl Accessories for Beginners

You’ve got your turntable, you’ve got your speaker setup, and you’ve got your first records. Congratulations, you’re officially headed down the vinyl rabbithole! But you may already have some questions as to how to get the most out of your music - preferably without breaking the bank. Never fear,...
Vinyl Moon on Crafting Your Home's Vinyl Listening Room

Vinyl Moon on Crafting Your Home's Vinyl Listening Room

Redfin recently compiled a list of expert advice on creating the ideal home vinyl record listening environment, and we're thrilled to have contributed to this guide. There's great advice about matching speakers and amplifiers with the room, but our advice was a little more aesthetically focused: ...
How Records Are Made: Part 2 - VINYL MOON

How Records Are Made: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our series on how records are made! If you missed the first part where we cover lacquering and plating, you can find it HERE. We left off after we used a metal master (either the father or the mother, depending on your preferred plating process) to create a stamper, ...
How Records Are Made: Part 1 - VINYL MOON

How Records Are Made: Part 1

In this two-part series, we’re going to peer into the complicated, mysterious, and fascinating world of vinyl record manufacturing. There are several stages and terms involved, as well as alternate methods which change or bypass certain steps, so we've split this into multiple posts. Hopefully by...
A Guide to Buying Used Records - VINYL MOON

A Guide to Buying Used Records

One of the joys of vinyl records is the thrill of the hunt. For vintage releases, early pressings, and people looking to grow their collection without breaking the bank, you have to shop pre-owned records. That means time spent searching through used bins or shopping online - both of which can le...
Turntable Terminology - VINYL MOON

Turntable Terminology

Vinyl enthusiasts can seem like they're speaking a different language, going on about fidelity and tonearm recalibration and frequency response curves. So we here at Vinyl Moon have compiled a primer to help demystify certain terms. Whether you're new to the world of records or just need a vocabu...