Vol. 016: Breathing Shadows

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  • $ 30.00

December 2016

Visual Artist: Mateo Pizarro

Die-cut cover, revealing interchangeable cover artwork
8 “micro baroque” drawings on 4 double sided cardstock inserts
Reverse-board wide-spine jacket with shadow on the inside
Purple smoke colored vinyl
Intro letter 
Lyrics & art info insert
**Hidden bonus feature**

A1: The Saxophones - "If You're on the Water"
A2: Laura Misch - "I Adore"
A3: Feiertag - "Breathe"
A4: Grapell - "Arrow"
A5: Falcon Punch - "Cream"
B1: Anoraak - ``We Lost`` (ft. Slow Shiver)
B2: Jazz Morley - "Bad Love"
B3: Yeo - "Frost"
B4: Majik - "Closer"
B5: Jome - "Brushstroke"